What’s New In Kitchens



by C. Rosenberg

Summer’s heat likely has you wanting out of the kitchen, but these trends are just too good to put off sharing. And after you’ve had your share of flipping burgers at the grill, you’ll appreciate knowing what indoor kitchen trends offer.


Tech in Time

Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator is a tech lover’s favorite. If you’re a kitchen lover as well, this is pay dirt. With a touch screen, interior camera, and WiFi connectivity that allows you to search recipes based on the fridge’s content, you can see your refrigerators contents while you’re shopping. You can also leave notes and reminders to family members on the refrigerator’s board, making this one smart addition to your household.           

How’s that for tech that seamlessly integrates trends, functionality and real needs into one major appliance? Available in a variety of styles, this sleek, stainless steel fridge is sure to be your family’s best friend beyond forever.

Nature in A Rug

Are you like most of us modern human species who don’t spend enough time outdoors? We know you’ve read enough compelling blogs about the benefits of spending more time outside. We also know it hasn’t quite happened yet.

Well, we’re reversing the trend and telling you to bring nature indoors. How? Choose a durable rug in bright, fresh colors. Yup, we’re still in the kitchen. And no, we won’t tell anyone that you were thinking living room for just one confused moment. In 2019, rugs are wherever they can do something huge for your space.  And today, it means kitchens.

Fill that Space

Would you guess that the couple of inches between the refrigerator and wall, or between the oven and counter can be put to better use than a catch-all for tiny Lego pieces, random pens, and runaway coins?

Pull out cabinets are a much better use of the space. Lined with shelves from top to bottom, pull out cabinets are a great way to keep shelf stable products easily accessible and organized. Depending on the size of your roll out, you can keep spices, cans, oils, cooking utensils – or any kitchen collection, really – in this little hideout.

Capture the Color

Color in the kitchen is here to stay – until the next big thing comes around. Studies have shown that bright hues do a world of good for your mood – so why not be trendy and well-dispositioned at the same time? Here’s an economical way to achieve just that. Upholstering chairs, bar stools, or padded benches allow you to bring a pop of color into your dinette or kitchen work space without breaking the bank.

You can either choose to bring out a color that’s already present in the kitchen, or introduce a new one that complements your kitchen style. Either way, you’ll find newly minted cheer in the heart of the home we call a kitchen.

Clutter-Free Counters

Appliance garages fell out of fashion quite some time ago. But that was really a disservice to both the humble garage and to homeowners who crave clutter free countertops.  Well, its making its comeback in 2019 fashion.

If you use the coffee maker, toaster, or blender on daily basis, you’ll love knowing that you no longer have to lift them into and out of cabinets to achieve a clutter free countertop.

 New options for door hinges have led to an appliance garage renaissance. Today, appliance cabinets are made in pop-up, tilt-up, and sliding door style so that your kitchen can remain clutter-free and very much in vogue. You can also incorporate outlets and lighting within the cabinet so that you don’t have to move a single appliance in the slightest.